Avi Shamil – Architecture and Interior Design

A leading architectural and interior design firm, founded in 2011 by Avi Shamil – architect, interior designer and lecturer in the Department of Interior Design at the College of Management. Avi Shamil is a highly recommended interior designer and has extensive experience in accompanying many design projects of different types.

The firm offers architectural and interior design services – luxury homes, luxurious apartment design and private home design, including personal and professional accompaniment to a variety of projects.

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

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Ralph Lauren - אבי שאמיל מעצבי פנים מובילים
Fornasetti - אבי שאמיל עיצוב הבית
Fendi - אבי שאמיל אדריכל ומעצב פנים מוביל
Bentley - אבי שאמיל אדריכלים ומעצבי פנים
Armani Casa - אבי שאמיל עיצוב פנים ואדריכלות

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