Avi Shamil Architects specializes in designing luxury apartment spaces and apartments for private sector investment, as well as large scale projects such as restaurants, offices and showrooms in the business sector.

The firm offers its clients architectural and interior design services under one roof.

The firm looks at every project through an innovative prism based on style fusion that glorifies aesthetics, prestige and uncompromising professionalism, while constantly communicating with the customer’s vision and needs

What is the design style of the office?

The meticulous method of work that characterizes the architects of the office when planning the project is also implemented in the field, while emphasizing both small and large details.

We believe that an intelligent combination of architecture and interior design from the first step brings the desired project from paper to the site.

הכל מתחיל עם החיבור שלי עם הלקוח

“Harmonic design is one that requires nothing to be added” (Vitruvius)

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